Coffee Café Roasters

Opened in August 2012 and located on Greenwich Avenue,  CFCF are proud to say that since then they have grown in their quality and created a wonderful local relationship with the Greenwich community. They roast coffee on-site and fill the air throughout Greenwich Avenue with their unique blends of Coffee Beans, excellent sandwiches and pastries to pair with any drink.  

Emil Yusupov estimates that the coffee shop sells roughly 400 cups of coffee per day to Greenwich residents and visitors.  Him and Leo Weinberg believed that they needed something unique on the ave that could separate themselves from the coffee chains across the area.  

The coffee at Coffee Café Roasters comes from areas all across the globe, ranging from Brazil, Sumatra, and Costa Rica, making sure that any visitor can be satisfied with the perfect blend.  They are one of the few places in Connecticut that can offer in house roasting which is something the chains can't compare too.  

Once you set foot in Coffee Café Roasters you are immediately embellished in the aroma of ground coffee beans and fresh pastries being warmed up.  Coffee isn't just as simple as beans and water, it is really an art form.  


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