The Team

Steven Fong


Steven is the brains behind the entire operation.  Beginning this gathering about a year ago with a couple friends, the idea came into his mind to make this into an event that everyone can experience.  He saw the opportunity just walking down the avenue and seeing some of the spectacular cars that park there on a daily basis.  He decided to grow the connection between car owners and enthusiasts by providing a laid back setting that allows everyone to get an up-close and personal look with all the cars coming.

Leland Graham


Leland started his entire career as an automotive photographer & videographer.  Slowly starting out shooting cars in dealerships, he began to develop friendships with car owners as well as other manufacturers and car businesses.  Today he works with some of the very best cars to ever see the streets and we are happy to have him on board providing the very best content for our viewers to see on film.  For more information on his work make sure to check out his website below:

Emil Yusufov

Owner of CFCF

Emil is responsible for bringing the "Coffee" to Greenwich Cars and Coffee. As the owner of a local café on Greenwich Avenue, he was our number one choice to provide our guests with the very best freshly brewed coffee from various regions all over the world.  We take great pride in getting local businesses involved in our gatherings and Emil was the perfect fit.  Make sure to stop by and let him and his baristas know we sent you for the perfect cup of coffee to kick your car filled morning off.


Photo By: Izaac Brook - @IzaacBrookPhotos